Tuesday, December 9, 2008

End of the Semester?

That's right. Suddenly extremely cold and gloves are now required to ride to class, the end of the semester is near. Though it was technically the collegiate off-season, it was a "fun season" for many:

We grew our numbers as a team by A LOT. I received tons of emails from people who were interested in joining, wanted to know more about us,  and if they could tryout. I didn't even know people thought there were tryouts! From starting only two years ago, the team has come a long way. We are creating a niche of friends who all have one thing in common that they love: riding!

I also wanted to report on the current status of the Fall 2008 jersey orders. They have been ordered! When we receive further confirmation as when they are expected to arrive, I will pass it on. In the mean time, I've been trying to numerically prove to the school how the club deserves more funding due to our large amount of participants and our high-volume jersey sales. Last school year, we sold something around 50 jerseys and shorts, as well as tons of other available accessories, totaling somewhere around $10,000 in sales. If you are unsure if that is a lot, its A LOT. Hopefully the school will recognize us more accurately. We also have definitely been commanding some personal attention from the clothing maker. With this Fall sales, we have already come very close to last year's mark, and we still have the Spring order to complete. This means a lot of improvements: rider numbers, team popularity, visibility, design approval, and some other boring things I tend to ponder about.

We had some people venture into other areas of cycling. Marita McCormick has been doing awesome things in the triathlon world and UCI-licensee Kristin Gavin has been making people cry in the cyclocross world. Speaking of cyclocross, Tyler and I just got back from a cyclocross weekend in Rhode Island; keep a look out for the race report. I have also been hearing reports of a soon-to-come penny farthing racing season as well as an increase in bike polo participants...

Looking ahead, we have lots to do. The Spring Road season is coming quickly! Refer to the countdown clock on the right of the screen. This means lots of training opportunities will be happening! I will be riding either my road bike or mountain bike every day as well as some swimming (and teaching Javier how to swim) and other stuff during the break. Send me an email if you're interested in joining. Breakaway Bikes will also be holding some fun events as well as their annual collegiate RPM classes. Stay tuned!

As for the upcoming weeks, stay warm and stay in the saddle!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008