Monday, November 1, 2010

We're back... blogging, at least. Also, training--kind of. Today's November 1, la Toussaint in Franceland, and perhaps the Catholic parts of Quebec, but more importantly to this blog, it is the unofficial start of training for our roadies. Of course, it's also a Monday, so this blogger has decided to kick of training in proper fashion: with a rest day!

We'll also be back to competing in the ECCC road season this year, and 2011 looks to be an even more successful year for Temple Cycling. We've nearly doubled our roster, and let's just say that describing the increase in support we've received from some local businesses and the school sports club requires abundant use of the lemniscate. To those places, we want to extend a huge thank you. So:

Thank you Zorbas!

Thank you Breakaway Bikes & Fitness!

Thank you Mayer Enterprise!

Thank you Jeffrey Lichtman, esquire!

Now, hopefully, we can be a little more competitive with our crosstown rivals/good friends, UPenn Cycling.

That way, at the conference championships, the comparison between the two teams' roster sizes won't be quite so stark. Compare the Penn nice photo:

to the Temple nice photo:

then the Penn silly photo:

to the Temple silly photo:

That's right; we had to borrow a Penn rider just to get a silly photo. But this year, 2011, can be different, with your help!

And if you'd like to help, why not do so in style? Order a Temple kit and choose to donate to the Temple University Cycling Club, a 501 (c) (3) organization (so you can write it all off, you charitable soul, you!).

Oh, and don't forget that we now have a twitter account. Follow us at, and be our friend with/without benefits on facebook.

Thanks for reading. Please vote tomorrow: it's the perfect way to not look like a jerk when the person outside the grocery store asks you if you've voted. See you on the road.

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