Monday, March 7, 2011

The season has begun

Saturday morning, 2.2 mile individual time trial, flat course, slight rise for 1.2 mi, then turnaround and down the hill for 1 mi
Men's A: 21st/52 Charlie Zamastil
Men's C1: 34th/57 Alex Lambi; 45th Sean Butler 
Men's D1: 27th/52 Mark Linzer; 37th Peter Smyth; 42nd Joe Diberadinas 
Men's Intro: 19th/35 Steven George; 20th Ross Creed; 35th Jacob Colon 
Women's Intro: 5th/24 Lindsey Knast; 12th Adriane Hairston
Saturday afternoon, Criterium, flat, 4 corners, 1 super sharp, 20mph cross/headwinds between turns 2-4, tailwind finish

Men's A: 23rd/58 me
Men's C: 17th/60 Alex Lambi; 28th Sean Butler
Men's D: 28th/56 Peter Smyth; 44th Mark Linzer, 46th Joe Diberadinas
Men's intro: 23rd/46 Ross Creed; 32nd Steven George, 45th Jacob Colon
Women's Intro: 3rd/27 Lindsey Knast; 9th Adriane Hairston

Sunday, Points Race format, but held on open road not a velodrome. .91 mile tear-drop-shaped circuit, 1 sharp turn followed by 600 meter 2-step uphill with the finish line after the first step up. Fast sweeping downhill for rest of course. Points went 4-deep, with sprint laps every 4th lap. Very rainy but not super cold.

Men's A: 6th/46 me
Men's C: 26th/49 Alex Lambi;
Men's D: 38th/45 Peter Smyth
Men's Intro: 21st/35 Ross Creed
Women's Intro: 4th/22 Adriane Hairston

So the big stars of the show were our women's intro riders, finishing in the top 12 in all their races, and Lindsey getting on the extended podium in both her races. Personally, I was just happy to finish the crit upright for the first time in now 4 tries.

Rutgers did an excellent job, and the points race turned out to be a lot of fun. We're all looking forward to another great race weekend held by Columbia and Stevens in just 5 days!

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